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About us

KWDEZN is an agency that specializes in industrial design and engineering. They are based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen and produce unique products influenced by East and West cultures. The studio's designs are inspired by nature, which gives their products a natural contour and energy. Wong leads the industrial design team, while the Shenzhen team handles the engineering aspect. KWDEZN offers exceptional product design services, including thorough research and a holistic approach to product development. They are also flexible and can assist clients in various project stages depending on their needs.

Our Team.

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Karl Wong
Founding Designer


Tel: +852.6356.7898

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William Zhong
Research & Development Director


Tel: +86.136.0262.3827

Mike Zhao
Operations Director


Tel: +86.185.6629.8691

Quan Li
Senior Designer


Tel: +852.6343.8964

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