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Introducing the Aircone, a sleek and innovative device that serves as a 3-in-1 UV sanitizer, air cleaner, and wireless phone charger. Equipped with seven powerful UV LED lights, it sanitizes your phone, keys, coins, and other accessories in just two minutes, eliminating up to 99% of harmful germs, including COVID-19.  


The Aircone's built-in purifier system, located at the rear, uses a HEPA filter to remove up to 99.7% of dust particles from the air, ensuring that you breathe clean and fresh air. Additionally, the filter contains an internal infrared light that kills any harmful germs that accumulate in the chamber.


Not only does the Aircone keep your belongings and air clean, but it also charges your phone wirelessly while sanitizing. With a charging time of just 30 minutes for 50% and one hour for a full charge, you can simultaneously stay connected and free of germs.


The Aircone boasts a sleek, minimalistic design inspired by jet engines and tapered forms. The main enclosure is made from aluminum, reducing plastic use, and features a futuristic gunmetal grey and matte finish. The bezel and lid are made from translucent plastic, allowing the backlit icons to appear once it's on.

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