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Karner Gym Bags

The Karner Oregon Backpack Collection is designed to simplify your life with its practical features. It has a laundry bag for damp items, a drawstring attachment pocket to hold things like a yoga mat and a hidden wallet compartment. The backpack provides enough room to accommodate all your essentials, including separate laptops, shoes, and beverage compartments. Moreover, it comes with a USB charging port and an inner cable, ensuring you can charge your phone efficiently while on the move.


The Monarch Duffel collection is a versatile bag that caters to your office and gym needs. It has a distinctive feature of a yoga mat holder that quickly unravels at the bottom of the bag. The mat can be placed on top and fastened securely with straps and hooks. The duffel also includes a separate shoe compartment and a thermal side compartment to store hot and cold beverages and meals. Additionally, the bag has an external USB port that makes charging your mobile devices more accessible.

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