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Mobius Travel Vac

 Look no further than the möbius, the ultimate travel-sized convenience that brings four essential functions into one compact product! With the möbius, you'll never have to sacrifice comfort or convenience while on the road or in the sky. This fantastic product includes a vacuum bag, allowing you to compress a whole bag in less than 2 minutes and save precious space in your luggage.


And if you need to inflate something instead, the möbius also includes an air pump attachment for quick and easy inflation. The möbius also features a built-in LED torch/flashlight, perfect for navigating unfamiliar surroundings or returning to your hotel room at night.


And with a 4-hour charging time and 1-meter charging cable, you'll always be able to keep your möbius powered up and ready to go. But wait, there's even more!


The möbius also includes a built-in power bank to charge your phone, tablet, or other devices on the go. And with its durable plastic construction and compact size of L55 x W55 x H102mm, the möbius is built to last and won't take up too much precious space in your luggage.

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