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Our Featured Projects.

VIK Check-In Kiosk System

It is a self-check-in kiosk that utilizes facial recognitional technology. It uses a customized ID Camera scanner that can take a snapshot of your ID card and then automatically records digitally to verify your ID number and match photo.

Aircone 3 in 1 Sanitization Device

Introducing Aircone, a 3-in-1 UV sanitizer device designed to sanitize your phone, keys, coins, and other accessories. This device comes with seven powerful UV LED lights that are embedded along the interior to provide thorough sanitization.

Karner Oregon Backpack and Duffel

Karl Wong, the founder and designer of Karner, is passionate about fitness and design. He sought to combine these two worlds by creating a lifestyle and fitness accessories brand. Wong identified an opportunity to produce a functional fitness bag that is comfortable to carry and has practical compartments for organizing the user's belongings. He believes that functional training is essential in preparing individuals for everyday challenges. Wong observed that existing fitness bags were too technical or simple, lacking compartments or durability. While some bags were stylish, they were not practical for gym use. Other bags had too many pockets, making locating items challenging.



meat tenderizer.jpg
Meat Tenderizer & Marinade BBQ Device

The tenderizer has a detachable blade that makes cleaning and replacing damaged parts a breeze. The main handle is designed with grooves that act as finger grips, allowing easy handling. A marinade reservoir is also located beneath the handle attached to the product's abs body. By squeezing the lever, the marinade is forced through tiny holes and runs along the blades and into the meat. The spike/blade component is attached and fixed during the moulding of the central unit to ensure adequate penetration of the meat. To operate the product,  rock it backward and forward across the meat.


Finite USB Portable LED Light

The Finite is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to add a modern twist to their industrial-inspired living space. This incredible lighting fixture combines style and functionality, making it a must-have for any home decor enthusiast. Its stunning design and dual bulb feature produce more light than traditional lamps, illuminating your room easily. The fixture is machine-milled from high-quality 6061 aluminum, making it durable and stylish. The knurls' detailed accents add extra sophistication to its already eye-catching design.

LED portable lighting

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